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Play Games and Win Stuff!! Could You Use A Little More Fun in Your Life? We are the ultimate inspirational traveling game show! No fun left behind!

We Don't Just Have Fun, We MAKE Fun!

(Due to Covid-19 we have ceased in-person game shows. We have added our first home board game for your family enjoyment!)

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The Minister of Fun

Ms. Shirelle enjoys seeing people having a good time. She loves to laugh and has the gift of putting smiles on the faces of others. Gloom and doom can't stay in the room if she is present. She has combined her love of fun and giving to others into a game show production comprised of her own creations, also known as "GameSpirations - The Game Show That Inspires!" Come out and enjoy Mailbox Money, Put on Your Armor, Fruit of the Spirit, and others to see if you can be a winner! She is also an author, playwright and screenwriter. Her books are available on You can see the trailer to her award winning comedy short film at

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(Due to Covid-19 we have been doing virtual game play only.)


Fruit of the Spirit


Play with your family and friends at home or get one for a family in need. The world needs a little more peace, patience, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness, kindness, joy, love and self-control!


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